Magnacut Mule Magnacut MuleMagnaCut is the most hyped new knife steel. Native5 Salt CPM-MagnaCut SpyderEdge Yellow FRN C41SYL5 (USA) - JAN 2023; Yojimbo2 CPM-Cruwear Black DLC Blade Purple G-10 Native 5 Maxamet (2nd), Para 3 Maxamet (2nd), Magnacut Mule, Z-Wear Mule, BBB 15V Manix 2, REC PM3 10V Satin, Dragonfly Salt 2. Joined Jul 28, 2014 Messages 535. com/?s=muleIn cutlery industry jargon, a “mule” is a blade used for. The Chokwe i just got has a set of numbers stamped in the blade in front of the Spyderco symble. (@spyderco_inc) on Instagram: "CPM® MagnaCut™ Mule Team! Available Friday, 3-Dec-2021 at 09:00 am MST. Sharpening and using my MagnaCut Mule. I have my own Salt 1 and love it but I got this one with the intention of giving it as a gift for someone and found out they actually wanted the Delica model. LOL! See: MagnaCut Mule which remained unsold after 2 hours and finally took about 5 hours to sell. Your Magna Cut Mule performance. Larrin Thomas, professional metallurgist and writer of knifesteelnerds. hawaiihunters sharpening service. on Instagram: "CPM® MagnaCut™ Mule Team!. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Spyderco's Mule Team Project is one of the most unique programs in the commercial knife industry. Wow, imagine if there was a MagnaCut Mule available with your choice of FRN or G10 scales available to just pick up whenever. Bolster Member Posts: 3606 Joined: Sat Mar …. I am waiting for a Millie and Chief in general. Some huge reveals today! MAGNACUT PM2, manix 2, para 3 …. We're happy to announce the MT35P CPM MagnaCut Mule Team will be released on Friday, 03-Dec-2021 at 09:00 am MST. BTG Member Posts: 1004 Joined: Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:14 pm Location: Norcal. WilliamMunny Member Posts: 742 Joined: Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:20 pm. When I went, there was a police car blocking the drive through and told …. So thanks, guys! The Blackfoot in Magnacut looked very very enticing but at $325 the elk better skin themselvesAnd at a minimum, the blade should not be going dull halfway through an animal. mule team magnacut for sale. Given the fact, that MC can be run at higher HRC, the advantage is fading. I'd say a good knife is a good knife. Manix 2 XL S30V - Yojimbo Cruwear - Carribean Salt SE - Magnacut Mule - M398 Mule Spare: DF2 Salt H1 SE - Lil Native CF S90V Dream knife - Military 2 …. This was my first Mule purchase ever, and also my first attempt at attaching my own wooden scales. I tested magnacut vs d2 and s30v in a rope cut test and the magnacut spanked the other two. Board index Spyderco Forums Mule Team Discussion; MT35P - CPM MagnaCut Mule Team - Release Date. I'd love to see a G10 SG2 Delica/Endura run, or maybe a Pakkawood/SG2 run. Over at Spyderco they made a "mule" test blade . Welcome to the Mule Team Sub-Forum! 1. - Al Daily rotation for work: Heir: Yojumbo S90V CF - PM2 Tanto S30V - Manix 2 XL S30V - Manix 2 XL Cruwear - Yojimbo Cruwear - Carribean Salt SE - Magnacut Mule - T15 Mule - PW Customs Harp. Yojimbo2 CPM-Cruwear Black DLC Blade Purple G-10 C85GPPRBK2 DLT Trading (USA) - JAN 2023. any date on the lum chinese folder with carbon fiber handles. Re: Custom MagnaCut Mule Handles. Steel properties aside, the simple existence of a PM2. Post by cholla_remover » Wed Dec 29, 2021 6:29 pm. Of all the major production companies, none have such an active interest in the properties of new and unusual steels than Spyderco. Endura AUS-8, Manix 2 S30V, Alcyone BD1N, PM2 Micarta Cruwear, Native 5 Maxamet (2nd), 2 X Magnacut Mule, Z-Wear Mule, BBB 15V Manix 2,. Post by FullScaler » Mon Sep 19, 2022 3:33 am. Does anyone know where you can find a spyderco T-shirt? I've looked all or the web and can't seem to find one. Re: Magnacut Everywhere (else)! Post by ladybug93 » Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:11 pm. Charlie Cline leather sheath, Halpern NCM scales. Unboxing the brand new Magnacut Mule Team from Spyderco#knife #americanmade #usamade #spyderco #budget #steel #unboxing #Magnacut #magnacut #muleteam #mule #. That was about 700 produced with a price of $161. If your topic has nothing to do with Spyderco, you can post it here. For this drop, my prediction is the Magnacut Mule will be available for at least 15 minutes, maybe more. When and where did Spyderco began? Top. One of my favorite parts of Knife Steel Nerds has been researching the history of steel development and which companies and people contributed to the most significant breakthroughs. Edge has some use, kinda shaves hair still. Spin flower mountain pics. Out of all the protos on the table at the 2015 Oregon show, this was my favorite. Last week, Spyderco announced that their latest Mule Team knife is on the way, and it will feature CPM MagnaCut, the new powder metallurgy steel from founder of Knife Steel Nerds Larrin Thomas. Austenitize: Heat to 1,950-2,200°F, soak times for the different austenitizing temperatures are listed below: 1,950°F = 30 Minutes 2,000°F = 25 Minutes 2,050°F = 20 Minutes 2,100°F = 15 Minutes 2,150°F = 10 Minutes 2,200°F = 5 Minutes The recommended heat treatment is to austenitize at 2,050°F. Untapped Territory, Lincolnton, North Carolina. The Kawasaki Mule is a utility task vehicle, or UTV, and it’s been available since 1988. So far knife has performed as well as my Spyderco para 2 magnacut but more compact and lighter to carry. Would rather spend my money on one of the many other models I still am after. 500 for polestars, 500 for newly interested Spyderfans, and 500 for flippers and bots. MT31 sold out? Post by Murat_Cyp » Sat Aug 21, 2021 11:42 am. will there be a shaman in magnacut? Post by R1monkey » Wed Feb 16, 2022 7:51 am. However, Magnacut is ~3x tougher than S30V with a much more stable edge Which means you can take MagnaCut much thinner than S30V while keeping a fairly durable edge. It still sliced print paper with ease. When comparing K390 to Vanadis 8 and CPM-10V it is important to note the dotted. The leather sheath is very nicely constructed and comfortable to wear on my belt. Love to see some G-10 with MagnaCut on the Native 5. If necessary (depending on what you order), we will send an email asking if we can cut the steel in half in order to ship all in one box. I just noticed today that the images on the Spydiewiki are broken and not loading. Now if the knives came out before the reveal, when the reveal did come out you could instantly purchase all the knives in it. There are a number of differences between a mule and an ass, but the main difference is the number of chromosomes: an ass or donkey has 62 and a mule has 63. Hey all, I'm relatively new here (just lurked for a while), and I've only posted a few times. This is pretty common actually. Lot of stuff I want in this reveal lol. Hey, everyone! We're happy to announce the MT35P CPM MagnaCut Mule Team will be released on Friday, 03-Dec-2021 at 09:00 am MST. This is an ingenious and unique knife. Sold without handles or sheaths, mules are also popular “kit” blades for aspiring knifemakers and hobbyists. Decided to coarse grind the spine with my diamond stone as to strike a ferro rod. MagnaCut® Black Blade">Para Military® 2 Salt Black G. Black blades typically are designed for tactical, low light situations, such as military combat. The blade has been acid washed and re-ground for a more “Kapara esque” vibe. LC200N / Caribbean SE torture test gauntlet of death. Naming the Steel – CPM MagnaCut. 7,944 likes · 322 talking about this · 6,111 were here. See: MagnaCut Mule which remained unsold after 2 hours and finally took about 5 hours to sell. Mules tend to be run at a higher hardness. Replace the oil filter as well, if desi. Cheapest price I've found looks pretty http://www. $189 the cheaper of the two, by far. on Instagram: "MT35P, CPM MagnaCut Mule …. Letting it die in the box is to lose 75% of what we put into it. It says you can look at the knives by types of steel, handle material, etc. Re: We don't actually need to Magnacut *all* the knives. Please use the code, ForumThanks during the checkout process and you'll receive a 10% discount off your total purchase. Sparks galore, and I'm happy to say it …. So I decided sharpen it right away. 1) I'd love to put s90v to hard daily use, but the CF scales would rapidly get chewed up by nails/screws/keys in my jeans pocket. Oh what a wonderful world that would be. Taking out the trash this morning I was cutting up a big double corrugated box with my Southard and suddenly realized that I've been using this knife for six years. My problem is they’re both so lovely I can’t actually bring myself to use them I keep getting them out of their boxes to put in my pocket, opening them a few times, admiring their lines, shaking my head and muttering to myself under my breath then putting them back in …. This is a modded Spyderco Mule in MagnaCut. I will be offering a service of cord wrapping a Mule and making a Concealex sheath, so this was kind of a test run. This is based largely on the test cut video by Cedric and Ada YouTube channel. Traditionally, they are made to the exact same pattern and specifications, but feature a different blade steel or heat treatment protocol. Maybe alternate between locking, slippie, and fixed, if this becomes a yearly thing??. Best for Big Game Hunting: Benchmade. MT35P Mule Team Fixed Blade. WTS] Spyderco Mule Magnacut : r/CanadianKnifeSwap. That's lots! I totally get why 470 of 500 would disappear in 6 minutes. I don't like it! I admit I can be picky. He also needs an introduction to Spyderco knives. When they release a Magnacut model I like I might buy one, but I don't need any LW knives ATM. How will you carry your new Military 2? You may select 1 option. I plan on giving it some additional testing this coming weekend and report back. Combat Africa – Explore More. Re: COMING SOON!!! Postby WilliamMunny » Wed Oct 11, 2023 5:52 pm. ladybug93 Member Posts: 7312 Joined: Wed May 16, 2018 5:20 am. Re: MagnaCut - Yeah, It's Probably Just Hype i'll take one in g10 manix please. 38 posts 1; 2; Next; R1monkey Member Posts: 12 Joined: Tue Nov 16, 2021 7:15 am. 39 posts 1; 2; Next; Manifestgtr Member Posts: 247 Joined: Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:43 pm Location: Lowell, MA. First, thank you Spyderco for running the mule team project and making these available. Just my assumption based on the mule team results and consistent popularity of the salt. I Pray Heaven to Bestow The Best of Blessing on THIS HOUSE, and on ALL that shall hereafter Inhabit it. Waterway, Para 3 Spy27, Pacific Salt H1, In the Mule Team Stable(Z-Max, Z-Wear, S45VN, Magnacut, SRS13/SUS405, M398, Aebl) Top. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum, have posted replies on a few threads but only just worked out how to post a new thread! Duh. Magna Cut Mule performance. Spyderco television commercials. Scottie3000 Member Posts: 1013 Joined: Sat May 09, 2009 2:47 am Location: Goldsboro, NC. Can 20 Mule Team Borax Be Used As Pest Control?. Used my coarsely ground spine to make "fur" from some of my dry wood I had lightly batoned. This knife features a CPM MagnaCut satin serrated blade, also known as SpyderEdge, that offers excellent edge retention and cutting performance. I didn't see another thread on this, so pardon me if some one has already mentioned it. Deer blind carry : r/knives. Magnacut or Bust Wishlist. Magnacut Spyderco Benchmade CRK. * Sold * Spyderco Magnacut Mule. I managed to badly chip the cutting edge of my favourite Magnacut mule today whilst making a cup of tea. I've switched from the MagnaCut Mule to this one. how come MT 31 S45Vn indicated as sold out on site?. S30V has better edge retention than MagnaCut. Was the steel used for the Mule treated in the same way as the steel appearing in production models? As a more general question, do heat. I just lost my Spyderco Rookie and trying to find another. I've been asking for a super blue Barong sprint for quite a while, though I'd take it in any steel that Spyderco decides. If the Mule is an indication Spyderco would be willing to ship all MagnaCut knives at 15 degrees per side then it may as well be considered a miracle steel just for convincing manufacturers to change …. 29 posts 1; 2; Next; RustyIron Member Posts: 2028 Joined: Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:01 am Location: La Habra, CA. And I did not get a pig in a poke. A craft beer taproom and bottleshop, also showcasing regional wines, open in downtown. Having just received a fantastic Knifeworks exclusive Yojimbo in Cruwear and smooth G10 from my wife for Christmas I was (genuinely) thrilled to discover some seemingly secret CQI. Manix® 2 Lightweight Salt CPM MagnaCut®. Reactions: dirc, bigsurbob, JOELSM and 1 other person. 95" CPM-MagnaCut Satin Plain Blade, Yellow FRN Handles. So…I scored a REC Shaman, and I pledged to make this one a user. I am very impressed so far and have done some simple cutting with it so far. But this time it is going to be different. Dragonfly2 Lightweight Super Blue/SUS410 Laminated Satin Blade Gray-Blue Zome FRN C28ZFGYBL2 Sprint Run (Japan) - JAN 2023. I'm not sure about the normal clips, but some of the salt series use titanium. The Magnacut Mule seems to fetch around $300. K390, Vanadis 8, and CPM-10V are all in the upper echelons for wear resistance and slicing edge retention. Blade geometry wins over a steel's edge retention 100% of the time. For Sale: Fixed Blades (Individual) BNIB Spyderco MT35 Magnacut Mule, BNIB Spyderco blk G10 scales (never installed). Apologies if this isn’t appropriate for a new topic thread, but I’m curious as to the heat treat Spyderco is using for MagnaCut. Does this mean a possibility of expanded supply of CPM MagnaCut for the Mule team platform? Judging from the forum posts this is an unprecedented level of interest. Kawasaki Mules are one of the most versatile and reliable utility vehicles on the market. Hey ! As an introduction, I’m a French (yup, sorry for my English) knives collector and my journey with Spyderco as started back in the 2000s. Native 5 salt is Magnacut?. Data below are from Larrin (New Steel is MagnaCut):. After that I cleaned up the blade. DELIVERED (Chronological Order) Native5 Salt CPM-MagnaCut SpyderEdge Yellow FRN C41SYL5 (USA) - JAN 2023. MT 35 CPM MagnaCut with 3D Printed “grape Jelly” Scales Straight Spine Mule. I really don't have many cutting needs beyond the kitchen but, since I don't have much $ in it, I'm actually going to carry and use it whenever the need arises. When the LC200N Mule was released, we acknowledged its extreme corrosion resistance, but didn't create a separate category for it. This compares to $110 (ish) for the base Native in S30V. S30V isn't a'high edge retention steel' in comparison to MC. 005 inches at the shoulders (BTE). The precision-machined blade of this Para Military 2 Salt takes full advantage of MagnaCut’s remarkable qualities. Me and my dad went and watched the Bladesports Cutting Competition this weekend. I do not subscribe to ultra earnest, super serious, arguing about e. Stone, and Ken McCurdy for becoming Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporters!. FullScaler Member Posts: 218 Joined: Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:42 am. Ed Schempp (Barong, Bowie, Persian C83 and 75mm), Techno-1; Brad Southard Flipper (brown & black and Tolk Flipper), PITS; Dice and Domino, Ikuchi; Caly3. Fixed Blades: Proficient, Magnacut Mule Special and Sentimental: Southard, Squarehead LW, Ouroboros, Calendar Para 3 LW, 40th Anniversary Native, Ti Native, Calendar Watu, Tanto PM2 Would like to own again: CQI Caribbean Sheepsfoot PE, Watu Wishlist: Magnacut, Shaman Sprints! Top. The only non-stainless steels with higher edge retention either have higher vanadium (CPM-15V) or are ~70 Rc PM high speed steels (Z-Max, Maxamet, Rex 121). Mule Team Army 001 MNOSD 008 Stable Mules; Z-Max, Z-Wear, Magna Cut, SRS13, Rex 76, Rex T15. MagnaCut Para ">Spyderco Made a Splash in Amsterdam with MagnaCut Para. Well there is also a Mule in Micro Melt PD#1, which is pretty much the same as CPM Cruwear. I was perusing a site today that starts with an "A" and offers many consignment knives available for sale, with updates daily M-F. Microsoft Word - CPM MagnaCut datasheet12. Shop ALL Spyderco knives - https://dlt. Update 3/29/2022: I added that SD Knives and Supplies is the place to buy in South Africa Update 3/31/2021: I added that Gameco is the place to buy in Australia. What it will do is allow custom makers to run their knives extremely thin at the edge and very hard. Mule Team blades are only identified as members of the Mule Team; there isn't a separate Salt category. Spyderco is proud to be one of the first companies to feature CPM-MagnaCut in a factory-made knife and the American-made Native 5 Salt is the perfect platform. Heat treat - the biggest challenge is making sure the steel performs optimally, good thing they got help from BBB and it’s gonna be awesome. Comes with original box and papers. Since it also won't reflect a big glare of sunlight, the coating also draws less attention if you pull it out during the day. So if the properties were improved by reducing the chromium content …. Then I got the mule, which is 62. Next Mule? Post by Scottie3000 » Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:48 pm. The whole experience kinda turned me off Bradford kives. Except for the Tuff made of Unobtainium, CPM CruWear is the toughest steel Spyderco uses today. Best Overall & Best EDC: Benchmade Bugout. Its fiberglass-reinforced co-polymer (FRCP) handle is injection molded in vibrant yellow for high visibility and includes our. Mule Team Project In the knife industry a “mule” is a sample knife used for performance testing. I was carrying my Stretch today, and was wearing semi skinny jeans, and noticed it restricted pocket usage completely. When I got back to my office I was delighted to see that rather than breaking off, the metal had mostly deformed and bent to the sides a bit like the head of a beaten nail. FullScaler Member Posts: 217 Joined: Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:42 am. CPM MagnaCut Steel - ITS HERE!!!!. cjk Member Magnacut has a ton of hype but H1 PE and LC200N have both served me well. Spyderco made 2000 of these so if you can land one, it's a good chance to be the first (probably) kid on your block with the new steel. A person I have bought and traded coins with asked if I could list a knife for him online since I do a lot of online auctions. Just finished some new katalox and walnut scales for my Z-Max PM mule. Spyderco's Mule Team™ series elevates this concept by offering the same fixed-blade knife pattern in different steels so our customers can join in the testing process. This Mule Team knife by Spyderco features a satin finished blade with skeletonized handle. So far I believe the edge retention has blown people away in cutting tests. Magnacut *all* the knives. Belgian Draft mules, like most draft mules, are large and are used for farm work in much the same way as their mare mothers. I’ll throw in a leather Casstrom dangler. What I find really interesting is that, for my case, it keeps a really grabby/biting apex even at high grit (5000 to 8000) This is a joy to sharpen. One incorporates Emerson’s signature innovation, of course, but also packs in a cutting edge PM steel. Still, if you are EDC or outdoor knife fan, the 2022 lineup is not different than the 2021 lineup which. Would anyone know the sizes of the hex keys needed to work on the knives? I have quite a collection of hex keys, standard and metric, and nothing fits my knives. The Magnacut mule immediately went into a boltron sheath and then on my belt. I had never tried putting titanium scales on one of my knives before so when these popped up at Warriors and Wonders I thought I’d give them a try. com">Sharpening and using my MagnaCut Mule. The literature for the MagnaCut Mule does the same thing--it acknowledges the special properties of the …. Happy Friday the 13th! It's been a pretty good year and I've really enjoyed being a member of this forum. Whether you are a steel connoisseur, a hobbyist looking for a unique "kit" blade, or a die-hard Spyderco collector, the CPM MagnaCut Mule will proudly meet your needs. mule team s90v? Post by endgame » Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:33 pm. Frankly, my experience with my Magnacut Mule so far makes me think we don't need to Magnacut any of them, much less all of them. Super impressed with my magnacut mule. Spyderco Mule Team Project. Joined: Fri Oct 09, 2020 6:18 am. The Essential Guide to Kawasaki Mule Parts Diagrams. I only heard about this run a few months ago, so I've missed out, but hopefully this opens the door to other vendors. Today I used my Magnacut Mule to cut a whole chicken into small pieces. will there be a shaman in magnacut? Discuss Spyderco's products and history. Cloaked in a non-reflective Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC. Wts Spyderco mule team MAGNACUT : r/Knife_Swap. I’m pretty hyped for this. Bradford Knives soon coming in Magnacut!. The event was entertaining as the competitors had to cut through water bottles, 1" thick rope, 2x4's, paper tubes, slice off a free standing straw, cut through fill soda cans, chop a 3/4" wood dowel, and end up by slicing a rolling tennis ball and rolling golf ball in half. 39 posts 1; 2; Next; Manifestgtr Member Posts: 310 Joined: Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:43 pm Location: Lowell, MA. i will, however, buy the m2lw in magnacut as soon as it's released. I had another set of blanks cut out ready to heat treat basically right after that …. Benchmade Knife Mini Freek 565BK-02 Black CPM-M4 Gray G10 Red Pocket Knives. In Lucy, the soon-to-be-released thriller about a woman forced to work as a drug mule for the Taiwanese mob, Professor Norman [Morgan Freeman] lectures, “It is. Your toughest Spyderco Folder. magnacut mule! : r/bladesInStock. 5 HRC or so, honestly a little soft for the steel. At a total of 6 knives, Spydercos are more well-represented in my folding knife collection than any other brand. I wanted a name that made it clear that it is a knife steel and also calls back to the history of steel. This knife is intended to be finished by the buyer. "Where Dreams With Strings Come True" More than 800 guitars & more coming! Amps, strings, access. Spyderco: Tenacious G10, Waterway, Para 3 Spy27, Pacific Salt H1, In the Mule Team Stable(Z-Max, Z-Wear, S45VN, Magnacut, SRS13/SUS405, M398, Aebl) Top Gtscotty. Re: Magnacut Mule!!! Post by dkelley661 » Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:15 pm Crazythe whole process took less than 5 minutes, but my first attempt was an hour after initial drop time. LionSTEEL NANO Titanium Frame Lock Folding Pocket Knife, Magnacut Steel Blade, Solid Handle Construction, Drop Point, Made in Italy (Natural Micarta) $22995. Areas that have roaches can also be treated. The result is a blade material that offers an extraordinary balance of wear resistance, toughness, and corrosion resistance. I'll start with Two MagnaCut Mule Team knives and branch out from there. What I've found over time is that if Spyderco doesn't have a very specific style knife I'm looking for, be patient because in …. I prefer Spyderco's 4v to Spyderco's cruwear though, as I like how it sharpens and especially how it strops back. Anybody else having this issue? I hope it's temporary, as it'll be a lot of work uploading all those C35 Qs again. Hi Everyone, Not sure this is the place for this, I'm a newbie. Dine in available preferably through reservation along with take out and delivery …. 015 inches would outperform it in pure cutting. One of the only Schempp models I don't have. Heir: Yojumbo S90V CF - PM2 Tanto S30V - Manix 2 XL S30V - Manix 2 XL Cruwear - Yojimbo Cruwear - Carribean Salt SE - Magnacut Mule - T15 Mule - PW Customs Harp. The Mule team project was created as a simple, inexpensive venue for “steel junkies” to have an opportunity to test different blade steels themselves. Was able to cut all other bones easily except the leg bones, which I tried but decided to leave as were. Z-Wear loaded and ready to pull. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Sal has indicated that they have purchased a large quantity of Magnacut, and he would prefer either a PM2, Para 3 or Shaman to be the first folder. Kawasaki Mule parts diagrams are a great way to get an overview of the parts that make up your vehicle. EDC Rotation: PITS, Damasteel Urban, Shaman, Ikuchi, Amalgam, CruCarta Shaman, Sage 5 LW, Serrated Caribbean Sheepsfoot CQI, XHP Shaman, M4/Micarta Shaman, 15v Shaman. I cant get the spyderfco website to work. I've taken LC200N down to about ten thousandths behind the edge without any issues, but obviously not on Magnacut (yet). The only change I will doing to this knife is swapping out the scales. Sleek, simple, and fearlessly corrosion resistant, the long-awaited Para 3 Lightweight Salt may be the ultimate everyday carry knife for those who work in and around the water. The titanium bolsterhas some light scratches on it. MagnaCut is said to have the edge retention, corrosion resistance, and toughness of the best steels out there. Inspired in authentic Mexican Flavors From scratch. My MagnaCut Mule was also right around. I must say I wish spyderco would offer more knives with the stone wash finish on Their blades. Pretty sure Spyderco has a steel dialed in before it’s released in a mule. Just for anyone who is interested, I hand sharpened again the Mule with Ultrasharp 300 grit, 600 grit, and 1,200 grit diamond stones and finally stropped with the diamond pastes mentioned above. Putting the handles on my Magnacut mule#knife #steel #americanmade #budget #usamade #usamade #mule #magnacut #edc #edcgear #fixedblade #tools #test #g10. I did not measure exactly the DPS but I purposely keep it a bit steeper (maybe 20 DPS or more). Let’s not forget the ceramic mule is a salt as well being impervious to the elements. I just think a shaman with hardware and liners that wont rust in magnacut would be such a cool knife it would be my perfect knife with cool g10 colors maybe red?. By our head chef Angel, culinary arts. Overview Video Specifications Write Review Mule Team - CPM MagnaCut Model Number: MT35P Brand: Spyderco What is a Mule? In the English language the term mule has multiple definitions: There’s the obvious equine reference being the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. I wrote about my first large batch of 48 different steels (some with multiple heat treatments) in this article. I hogged off some material on a basswood spoonblank and noticed no loss of sharpness. Re: magnacut - mule v native - how did it evolve? Postby standy99 » Thu Sep 07, 2023 6:15 am. CPM MagnaCut is a revolutionary knife steel that challenges the logic of conventional metallurgy to deliver an outstanding balance of edge retention, toughness, and extreme corrosion resistance. Mules have 63 chromosomes, while horses have 64 and donkeys have 62. I did use a power drill to start the hole and then reamed it out with the Magnacut Mule. 5,699 likes, 199 comments - spyderco_inc on December 3, 2021: "MT35P, CPM MagnaCut Mule Team goes live at 09:00 am MST today!. Finding Used Kawasaki Mules for Sale. I’ll probably still get a plain edge down the line as I love using my Magnacut Mule. The funny thing is, I tried to get that magnacut mule when it went on sale, but it was a debacle if you remember. Last week, Spyderco announced that their latest Mule Team knife is on the way, and it will …. “Open, close, cut, clean, oil, cut, cut, cut To a Spyderco, that is living. Maganacut Mule Team: Unboxing. Post by Manifestgtr » Wed Dec 15, 2021 9:17 pm. We’re noticing that a large number of brand on the market are releasing Magnacut blades, it’s become a selling point. Hi, I use diamond stones for sharpening my Magnacut Mule (and my father's one too). I noted a Magnacut Mule with Halpern titanium scales and a leather Spyderco sheath available for **cough** $375 ***cough** **cough** bills. It hides scratches well and just looks nicer imo. Shipping information can be found here. Postby curlyhairedboy » Thu Feb 17, 2022 3:03 pm. The latest and most anticipated addition to this elite family features CPM® MagnaCut™, a remarkable powder metallurgy steel conceived by Larrin Thomas, a Ph. Based on our extensive in-house testing, Spyderco determined it to be worthy of inclusion in our elite Salt® Series of knives. it brand new fits my hand beautiful. Fixed Blades: Proficient, Magnacut Mule. Postby Granoo Fink » Fri Jan 07, 2022 6:25 am. Spyderco’s thirty-first Mule Team Project installment highlights CPM S45VN. Edge Retention Testing of Seven More Steels. Okayso was gonna order a Para Military off of Jet. 25K views 1 year ago #METALCOMPLEX #spyderco #magnacut. I think magnacut would be a nice upgrade in the corrosion department, but I've been happy with the corrosion resistance of 20cv and s110v. Postby Fireman » Fri Oct 21, 2022 4:04 pm. Re: MagnaCut - Yeah, It's Probably Just Hype Very impressive. I tested magnacut vs d2 and s30v in a rope cut test and the magnacut spanked the other. Portuguese Grill food with peri peri sauces offering Halal food. Magnacut Spyderco Mule Team edge retention testing with a discussion about this steel so far. When does the yearly discontinued knives list come out? I thought it was around October. 319K subscribers in the knives community. Just want to thank Spyderco (and RGH knives) for holding this. Magnacut Mule Caribbean Leaf SE Dragonfly Salt SE (H1) Manix 2 XL Cruwear Yojumbo S90V If chosen by desire as well as utility (including ones I don’t own) then - Darn Dao Caribbean Leaf SE Caribbean Sheepsfoot PE Magnacut Mule Manix 2 XL 4V Not the most exotic or esoteric, but they are all utterly fantastic knives. This is the fifth example I've tested and used so I'll talk a b. It's great stuff and lives up to it's reputation. Welcome to the forum maansleroux! They were shown off at the Amsterdam meet earlier in the year. Custom MagnaCut Mule Handles. com/spyderco/ um-folder/" target="_blank. The customer asked for CPM Magnacut or another superior steel if I had a better . The SPY27 is going to be a gift to a great friend that could use a fixed blade. 5 VG10; Chapparal; Dragonfly, PM2 M4 Mantra M4; Manix XL M4, Gayle Bradley 2 M4, Benchmade Super Freek M4, Chris Reeve small sebenza 31 and Mnandi and Spuyderco …. It was my b-day this last Friday, and I received the latest Mule Team, in ZDP-189, and so I wrapped it, and some of my other Mules up, just to see what they are like. It has the phenomenal qualities of super steels with amazing edge retention and adds toughness to the mix. My only experience with Magnacut is with a custom and it was very short, so I didn't vote. The difference - at the same HRC - is about 10%. I suspect this means the s45vn mule was not run as hard, and I probably should have sharpened the magnacut mule at the beginning. First, the edge retention between the factory edge and a more time consuming low angle hand made edge. 025" behind the edge, and run at 62-63 HRC. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Magnacut Mule!!! Post by nerdlock » Fri Nov 19, 2021 10:25 pm. I haven't seen many photos of peoples' Magnacut Mules scales, so others please feel free to post their pictures. I have the Work sharp precision adjust system, it helps setting an angle and just sharpening. We don't actually need to Magnacut *all* the knives. I wanted to see what happened if I put a slightly sub-30 degree edge on it so I could use the 30 degree setting on the sharpmaker to maintain it. My preference is still a hard tool steel and so far, my magnacut mule basically behaves as a stainless cruwear. link/2Ef309IDLT Trading New Arrivals - https://dlt. Thanks for the Report Ramonade! Sounds like the stuff might just be near as good as the rumors say, concerning corrosion resistance. I doubt that any 10 dps edge with a more normal, but still acute BTE width of 0. So as a nod to VASCO I named the steel MagnaCut, Magna being the Latin word for great or awesome. If it's scratching Magnacut there's a piece of grit, sand, metal. I looked on Ebay last night and found 2 Delicas listed. Search never was a good knife made of bad steel. With the HRC testing complete on both shaman models I own, I wanted to conduct a blade swap for a few reasons. Our Vietnamese brother knows how to do a great heat treatment, and MagnaCut ticks all. com">Magnacut Spyderco Benchmade CRK. Long story short, I moved on without the mule. From my experience with a custom magnacut fixie at 65 HRC and the mule, magnacut sharpens very very well on non diamond water stones (Choseras) at 62-63 HRC (the mule). -Brian Son's Collection: H1 Rescue Manbug, Tenacious Rescue 79mm Orange, Cat BD-1, Effecient, Pingo Orange FRN, T-Mag, Urban K390, Lil' Native, Sliverax, Para 3 S110V, Caly 3 HAP 40, R Nishijin, Mantra, Manix 2 LW S110V, Manix 2 Black, Delica 4 Black, PM2 Digi, PM2 Black, Yojimbo 2, Native 5 LW, Dragonfly 2, Military 204P, …. Putting the Handles on my Magnacut Mule. Good afternoon, i recently purchased this knife and i cannot find much info online about it other than that it was a limited run of about 12 and hard to find!. May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under This Roof!. Discuss Spyderco's products and history. Update 10/13/2020: I completed a minor revision to Knife Engineering to correct a few typos. Hot water rinsing could solve your problem. Congratulations Spyderco!. As you can see from the picture one block has a beautiful sap line that I thought would make a great Mule handle. Para Military® 2 Salt Yellow/Black CPM MagnaCut®. Testing on paper, the 20cv did not catch or hang up on the chips. I am a little wary of some of the first run production Magnacut knives out there now though. Any chance of a PM2 in Magnacut? Like · Reply. Blade Steel (7): BD1N; Damascus; LC200N; M4; MagnaCut; S30V; SPY27 Handle Material (knives) ( . So can we expect the Sprint Military to be hitting the shops soon? Or have they already started? Oh crap, my wallet really can't handle all this action in the last few months. is a production brewery, taproom and venue located in downtown. Definitely some great stuff in this release. Full-flat ground for optimal edge geometry and available in both PlainEdge and SpyderEdge configurations. Catamount123 Member Posts: 396 Joined: Sat Dec 15, 2018 1:03 am. They’re game-changers in the field. 00 (USD) Mule Team handle scales ( MTGBK) and sheaths ( MTLSH) and ( MTSH) will also be available through SFO (sold separately). I wouldn’t use it for a dive knife, but anything short of sustained immersion in salt water should be fine. My 20cv is a folder and will ride in a pocket, MagnaCut Mule gets top spot in my pack. This tour-de-force expression of the Para Military 2 showcases a full-flat-ground blade crafted from CPM MagnaCut—a state-of-the-art …. The yellow FRN handles are lightweight, ergonomic …. CPM MagnaCut is produced by Crucible and hot rolled and distributed by Niagara Specialty Metals.